Granvilmer, The sea reveals all its flavours

Who are we ?

  • A cooperative of independent, small-scale fishermen whose mission is to maximize the benefits of their catch for members and also to represent them, by means of a special partnership agreement, within the local producers association, the Organisation de Producteurs de Basse-Normandie (OPBN).

    Granvilmer’s daily presence on the quaysides of Lower Normandy helps to support prices at the fish auctions.

Port de pêche de Granville
Usine Granvilmer à Bréville-sur-mer
  • Granvilmer is a member of the French national maritime cooperative movement which groups together 138 organizations, 1 500 vessels and 1 800 employees.

  • Granvilmer is an essential player in the economy of the port of Granville.

    • With an annual purchasing power of €2.5M, Granvilmer is the number one buyer at the Granville fish market.

    • Handling 2 500 tonnes of the local small variegated scallops every year, Granvilmer’s role is predominant in the turnover of 10 of the main vessels in the harbour.

    • Granvilmer plays a major part in the turnover of the port’s flagship products (whelks, sea bream, dog cockles, scallops).

    • Granvilmer processes on its own behalf or for OPBN about 30% of the production of St. Jacques scallops.


  • 1987 : a group of Granville fishermen set up GRANVILMER

  • 2002 : GRANVILMER cooperative expands rapidly and opens a new plant in Bréville sur Mer.
    This unit processes and freezes variegated scallops, wild black sea bream, bivalves, whelks, cuttlefish and of course the well-known Granville Bay St Jacques scallops.

  • 2009 : Granvilmer launches the “GRANVILMER” brand.
    The considerable market potential encourages the cooperative to establish its own brand name.

  • Flavour and top quality - our trademarks!
    Local fishing grounds, preparation in seawater, immediate freezing, these are the particular assets that enable GRANVILMER to offer its customers high quality products, full of exceptional flavour.

20 route de l'aerodrome
50290 Bréville sur mer

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Fax : +33(0)2 33 61 64 10
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